Sparkman and Associates

Renewable Energy
Project Funding Solutions
for Liquid Natural Gas &
Carbon Offset Projects

until now the type of energy solutions needed for the modern world has been hindered by extremely high costs that do not work in the real world of business and the need for companies to make a profit, but that was then, this is now. 

the future of cleaner more productive wells is here and we are proud to launch several exciting projects this year and hundreds more next year.

If you are on this website then you already know who we are and what we are doing.  You will not find any marketing here, just a little more information and contact details. 


With Sparkman the lates and greatest in renewable carbon offsetting energy solutions have been found and are currently underway.  There is no way to go back after this.


You can rely on the team here to help your business either as an energy partner or investor.  These times are uncertain but energy that can comes from sources that sequester carbon is as good as anyone can hope for in these times.


Whether you are a producer, investor or just looking to support projects that lower our carbon footprint, give us a call today and rest assured you have found a company that will put you right at the forefront of the newest technology and utilization in the market